About Us

Nine » Authentic Goods is a bricks and mortar shop in downtown Glens Falls, an amazing place nestled right in the foothills of the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. Our shop celebrates this area—from its legends and traditions, to beloved locations and regional sensations (two words: Melba Sauce).

The Nine comes from Route 9, which is another name for Glen Street, upon which Nine sits. It was the road that city folks took to vacation in the wild paradise of the ‘Daks. The Authentic Goods comes from our love of cool stuff and our passion for design, as one half of Nine’s ownership is comprised of the creative team at Trampoline Design. As luck would have it, the other half of the Nine ownership team owns a restaurant and brewery called Davidson Brothers just a few doors up Rt. 9. After a leisurely pass through the store, a hot meal and cold beer are but a few steps away.

The store itself is chock full of cool things—Prints, Caps, Jewelry, Gifts, Food, Shoes-n-socks + more. Most of our things are designed, produced and crafted right here in the area. Other things are here because people in this region think they’re cool. Our hope is to offer a local option that presents things you’ve never seen before, that you’ve always wanted or that you suddenly realize you’ve always needed.

You name it, we probably have it or something like it. If you ask we can probably find it, make it or offer a great substitute.

Look for the white arch and gargantuan door at 166 Glen Street, next to the Chocolate Mill and Centennial Circle, in picturesque Glens Falls.